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I love all the latest home decor trends, and I want them all! But with the constant changes who can afford it? So here’s where I show you how to DIY them!

Simple & Quick Budget Friendly Halloween Home Decor

I love Halloween. It’s that one time of year that you can be anyone or anything that you want. and it doesn’t end there. The second best thing about Halloween is, of course, decorating just like any other holiday. I have been searching high and low for some new home decor for Halloween, and I wanted to share some of it with you. This is Simple & Quick Budget Friendly Halloween Home Decor that’s  easy to put up and quick to take down.  Because, as much fun, as it is to put up, I know a lot of us (like me) dread having to take it all down! That’s why it’s so much better when it’s the simple things that change out the look of a room. When you redecorate you don’t have to go all out and replace absolutely everything to make a difference. This is where something as simple as decorative pillows come into play.


DIY Bow Pillow

Okay, so I haven’t done a DIY in FOREVER. Just never seem to have the time. I think the last time I did a DIY, was when I first started this blog, and that post is LONG LONG gone! I have been absolutely OBSESSED with throw pillows lately, and there have been some super cute bow pillows circulating the home decor looks as of late! So I wanted to show you how I made these DIY bow pillows.