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11 Money Saving Vacation Tips – Planning and During Your Vacation

So my husband and I just got back from our yearly road trip this past weekend. It got me to thinking about all the ways we save money every year and all the ways we COULD have saved money. You know I share (or at least try to share EVERYTHING with you). So here are my tips for before and during your vacation getaway. Although I know the summer is nearly over, I also know there are many who take this “off season” to do their vacationing. Yet another way to save if you have the option. So here is 11 money saving vacation tips for you!


Rescuing Harley – Four Years Later (How to Help in the Same Situation)

Four years ago today, I did what unknowingly would be my final rescue for a very long time! Rescuing Harley, four years ago today!He was clearly neglected. Emaciated and with minor injuries, we showered him with love. Four years later he is finally comfortable enough to dog!

Rescuing Harley – HIS Story

On the way home for a visit, I happened to be staring off into space listening to the radio, when I saw this dog in the ditch! Me being my all around level headed calm self (note some heavy levels of sarcasm there) I screamed for my husband to stop the car. Which means he went two to three more blocks. We stopped and turned around looking for what I “thought” was a sheltie. That’s when we found a dog, emaciated and injured in more ways than one. Curled up in the ditch, in a thorn bush! He had two double pronged collars nearly embedded into his neck, and his left paw was stuck in one of them! Now if you know me or my husband personally, you will probably know our loathing hatred for these collars. So my husband broke them off. He was finally free, and I think did what any scared, lonely animal would do. He ran off. We finally got him back, and now had to figure out what was next!