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I Let My Husband Dress Me – What I Learned

Like two week ago my husband came across a cute and sweet article about a wife that gave her husband free reign to dress her for one whole week. I have no idea how it came about, but it was so super sweet. She gave no suggestions, recommendations or denied ANYTHING. Literal FREE REIGN! The choices he chose and why were so thoughtful and cute. She admitted that a lot of them she never would have picked out herself, and was surprised when some pretty bright choices were complemented by clients and peers. So ….I wanted to see what my husband would do. So I let my husband dress me this week.

I have known my husband for nearly seven years. Almost five of those years have been our marriage. He has a great sense of style for himself, and sometimes, I ask what he thinks of a new piece I am looking to buy. But other than that, I generally keep my personal taste 100% of my choice. So this was a nerve-racking week.

I let my husband dress me

I let my husband dress me: This is What Happened


I let my husband dress me

It was a pretty nice and obviously sunny day, with only a light cool breeze. We’ve been having trouble with our internet lately. So we went to our local coffee shop to use their internet and work. So hubby set me up in an old bright pink and white starred tank top with little white ruffles. I can’t even remember when I got this. Sometime in the last five years though. He then hooked it up with my favorite plaid button up and a pair of skinny jeans. He was seriously bummed though. If I remember correctly, he was going for a watermelon theme!? Although I nor he could tell you why! These little quirks are why I love him so. He can be a touch bit off, but it’s cute! He also paired it with my favorite new runners in black and gold (because I don’t have many options when it comes to shoes, to be honest!) This outfit was laid back and casual, which is pretty much my daily esthetic. He made me feel super comfy and beautiful. Honestly, I didn’t think that these pieces would go together but he really made the entire outfit feel youthful. Something I think I have been lacking lately.


I let my husband dress me

Today honestly felt like I was dressed up like a doll! We hardly ever get dressed up, so I have a few items that I haven’t worn in very many months and in the case of this gorgeous top. Probably over a year. I purchased this top second hand in amazing condition. The quality, and fit are phenomenal. This is just ONE of the reasons I thrift shop more than I buy brand new clothes. The pants are some comfy black stretch dress pants. These go so well with nearly everything. That’s why they stay in my closet. Absolute versatility!


I let my husband dress me

OHHH WOW!! Today is WARM. A slight understatement. We were heading into the city, so he decided to break out my shorts and a tank top for the first time! This was the first time this week that he made me go outside of my comfort zone! I am not comfortable as a plus size woman with having bare legs, and he knows that. To him, they are beautiful. Which makes me FEEL beautiful! This is why I let my husband dress me. He kept it pretty simple today really. It was a wonderfully comfortable feeling, I haven’t felt in many years.


I let my husband dress me

I love my husband, but seriously..it was sooo windy today, and he chooses a dress. I couldn’t even imagine. A dress with my hair down. More ways out of my comfort zone, that I wasn’t expecting. I felt beautiful with my hair down. Although, I was working so it didn’t stay down to long. I still loved wearing this dress. It’s a super comfortable maxi dress that shows off my curves. THIS is why he chose it! He also loves seeing me in green. He says it brings out my eyes!


I let my husband dress me

Today was such a cold day that it was literally ALL about comfort. He chose a long sleeve gray owl shirt with my favorite blue jeans and runners. Keeping me warm and casual. This was clearly very important! The simplicity was perfect for a day of just normal daily work!


I let my husband dress me

Today I admit I was super excited! I finally got to wear a pair of yoga pants I recently purchased. They are so super comfy. I will wear them out in no time probably, and have to find more! He then paired it with a top her bought me when we were newly engaged. A shirt that I rarely wear, as it’s not really my style. It definitely has a fun vibe to it though. That I will admit.


I let my husband dress me

This was absolutely for my husband 100%. He loves this dress, even though it does not fit as well as it should. It was bought last minute for a wedding we were going to. He really wanted to end the week with a bang. Especially in this dress.

I let my husband dress me – This is What I Learned

At the end of this entire experiment, I have honestly learned some things.

  • my husband still thinks I’m sexy (not just beautiful) after nearly 7 years of rarely being out of each others company.

  • I have a lot more clothing options than I though.

  • We seriously need to go through the clothes I don’t wear and get some to the donation bin so others can enjoy them.

  • I need to trust his decisions slightly more (mainly in regards to shorts and Sundays dress)

I recommend every wife, girlfriend, and fiance tries this. See what you significant other picks for you. It might surprise you! At the very least, you might remember a few pieces you forgot you had!

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