The beauty of a herb garden is how simple and quick it is. How much money it can save you. How beautiful and relaxing it can be! I love beautiful delicious herbs, but do I really want to spend upwards of $2-$3 for a handful that is already picked, and will start to wilt in just a few days!?..Yes, I know. You can clean the ends and put it in a glass of water. That will prolong their life just a little bit more. But why even bother worrying about it? Herbs are so easy to grow and absolutely beautiful to have in your home, or even on your balcony, deck, patio, garden….wherever you have available space!

So today, I want to show you HOW to plant herb seeds (and how easy it is) and give you some beautiful DIY options (of course a round up from some pretty awesome bloggers and DIYers) for both your home and outdoor living space.

Herbs are honestly the easiest, quick growing and effortless vegetation you could possibly grow! They are cheap (when grown from seed), easy and the plant itself is cost effective! The plants themselves help with everything from digestion to bad breath and beyond. They are also one of the BEST plants to grow. Especially if you have never grown a single thing since that “science experiment” in 4th grade. The beauty of most herbs is they can grow relatively close together without hindering their growth!


Planting Herbs

Once you have your herbs all you need to do is find a planter or container (You will find many options further down). Now if you use a traditional planter (These are easily found free at the curb as well as the dollar store has some pretty awesome sizes and variant shapes) you can skip this first part.

  • Find your new container, make sure it is minimally six inches in diameter, and an average adults hands length deep. You want a little extra depth in non-traditional planters.
  • You can do one of two things: Drill a center hole in the bottom and then four evenly spaced around the bottom edges – or- Get some small rocks from the local park or any other place and fill the bottom. Doing this gives the same drainage as the holes, but it can also hold water in case your herbs need some extra attention. The latter is my personal preferred method.herbs

Herb Planting

  • Now here’s the (sometimes) most difficult part. The soil. You can’t just dig up the soil from the ground because it is too dense. The plant won’t be able to properly root itself. So what you are looking for is really simple. Container soil. Yes, that simple! It will specifically state it on the bag. This soil is chalked full of nutrients and is perfectly aerated for use in containers.
  •  Now what you want to do, is take the soil and fill your container with roughly two inches ( lightly spritz it with water to get it nice and moist (not damp, drowned soaked…just moist) then evenly sprinkle your chosen herb seeds on top. Making sure none of them are twining or on top of each other. Then all you have to do is put an inch or so of more soil down on top to cover everything. Then spritz the top of the soil lightly.
  • Now one extra step I do like doing, just until I see the little delicious delicacies poking through with nice and thick stalks on them. I like to put a layer of plastic wrap over top. This acts as a sort of warmer for the seeds to germinate in. Take a toothpick and poke several holes in the top for fresh air to get in and circulate. Then you’re done.


DIY Roundup – How and What to Use to Grow Your Herbs

Indoor Herbs


Outdoor Herbs

See How fun and simple it is to grow your own herbs? It’s also a great way to add to your home or outdoor decor! Pretty much anyone can do it too. Saves you money and time, and if you have never gardened before. I hope you will try this and receive the greatest fulfillment from it. Just as I do!


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