What Can You Expect From a Pet Insurance Policy

Have you ever had a family member get sick?

It’s stressful enough when that person is your pet, but imagine having to deal with the added burden of paying for their treatment yourself. Pet insurance has become more popular recently because it works similarly in nature as human health care coverage does – only tailored specifically towards animals! With this type of policy all expenses are covered by an monthly premium (or per-incident fee) which pays out should anything happen during employment or leisure time activities like accidents at home etcetera;

You might find that your pet’s premium is higher than on a younger animal and some pre-existing conditions may not be covered. However, this will give you peace of mind knowing they can live an healthy life because their vet bills are taken care of.

You will need to find out if your pet insurance policy allows you to choose any veterinarian or if you must choose from vets in a network of providers.

Your vet keeps records about your particular pet’s medical history, so the process of applying for insurance is simple.

Does it cover “pre-existing conditions?”

Most affordable pet health insurance policies do not, and you probably shouldn’t try to get pre-existing condition coverage. Any reliable company offering any kind of pet insurance would give you a free quote for every kind of plan that may suit your pet’s requirement.

If your cat is nearing old age, it’s worth checking any existing policy to find out the upper age limit.

These can start when your pet is just a few months old, going up to around 8 years on average, but some will extend to as old as 27 years. For example, some of the larger breeds of dogs like Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds have a history of having hip dysplasia. Also most companies will not insure cats after they reach 8-10 years of age as well so your cats have to fit it within a certain age range in order to qualify for a policy.

One important thing to notice is that you need to check the terms and conditions stated in the policy of the pet insurance before you sign it. Common exclusions seen are breed-specific exclusions and pre-existing conditions, as well as a list of treatments that just aren’t covered.

That means, if your cat has already been diagnosed with a chronic condition, it will not be covered.

Did you know that pets in America are showing the same signs of obesity as the majority of humans?

Just like health insurance this type of coverage has premiums you must pay which will be based on the animal’s age, health, and sometimes the breeds inherited illnesses. However, the same thing goes true to unhealthy breeds; expect that they will incur high pet insurance rates as well.

Of course, the amount depends on the type of coverage and where you go for insurance, but you can expect to pay around that much for a basic coverage. Visits to the vet can be pricey, even with minor visits, such as the yearly vaccinations or routine checkups. If you need to be hospitalized and cannot take care of your rabbit, then they will help you find boarding and cover the costs. These include covering the cost for a reward and advertising if your pet becomes lost or stolen.

Many pet insurance comparison charts that can you see on the internet will list policies by price, but some also give you the option of sorting them by coverage amount. Some plans may provide coverage for pre-existing diseases, while others may cover unpredictable situations like canceling a holiday due to serious illness of your pet. Read the policy carefully and understand what is and isn’t covered BEFORE you sign it. Other companies will give you a discounted rate if you purchase your cheap pet insurance online.